Saturday, July 9, 2011

Bumper Stickers

Here's an article by a cop on the topic of bumper stickers. His perspective is somewhat different in that as a patrolman he got treated to every sticker you've ever heard of and probably a lot more that you haven't. He also has some perspective on what one can expect from drivers with various adornments.

His best suggestion to my mind is that once the election is over, the political stickers need to come off. I suppose that if your man wins, leaving the sticker on is a form of gloating, and if your man loses, it's a manner of saying "this isn't MY fault".

Of course when your man wins, and the results are, shall we say, less than exemplary, you run the risk of having everybody on the road giving you dirty looks and thinking "Aha! So all this is YOUR fault!"

I have a Gadsden flag, which identifies me as a generic conservative, and a "Weird Load" sticker that goes well on any pickup, and a Coexist sticker,

printed on paper, and taped to the back window where it's easily removable, should I change my mind.

I do candidate stickers this way too, since the local hippies seem to like to key cars with stickers favoring Republicans. I'm thinking something along the lines of

Perry-Bachman '12
Because we WON the cold war!

It's got possibilities.


John Richardson said...

I like that version of Coexist as opposed to the semi-religious one.

The only other sticker on the car is my NRA Life Member sticker but I keep it on the passenger side. Proud to be a member but not in your face about it.

Anonymous said...

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