Monday, July 4, 2011

Bike Ride

The pedaled type this time, which I do thinking the exercise is good for me. I took my mountain bike out yesterday and was reminded why I don't really like to ride it, and how long it's been since any grease has been applied to the bearings. Got back beat up and sore.

Took the recumbent out today, discovered a new trail loop, and reminded myself how much the mountain bike had beaten me up the day before. The new trail had a spot undergoing construction. You can't see the construction from the first barricade, or even the second, and this sort of thing has led the group I used to ride with to go around the barricades to see if the "Trail Closed" warning is for real or just because the city requires it. Hence our motto: It's not just a ride, it's an adventure!

After carrying the bike over 3 barricades, down into the creek bed where there was a narrow path on the boulders being installed, carrying up the side of the dug out embankment, and over 3 more barricades, I'd have to advise anyone riding the Willow Creek trail to take the detour. Great scenery, though.


jdmorse said...

Ah, the glory days of the Llewellin Death Ride!

Anonymous said...

Bills are informing DELL.
And now they got their HELL.
Cause Bitches be " brooding"
And Condoleeza " hooting"

Billll said...

J.D.: We could bring it back from the dead as a "zombie" ride. I'm so debilitated that you younger folks could probably keep up now.

M: I'm about to conclude that epic poetry doesn't come through machine translation from the original classical Greek very well.