Thursday, July 28, 2011

Republican Candidates

The MSM is carefully and cautiously backing the most left-leaning RINOs the GOP can field, that being Romney at the moment, with Huckabee on the sidelines.

It's looking more and more like a lost cause as the latest polling shows O'bummer running dead even with Ron Paul. In fact, the only Republican the president is currently beating in the polls is Dick Nixon.

During his administration, the press referred to him as "Tricky Dick", a tribute to his ability to put one over on the Dems, most of the time. During the Clinton administration I began to think of him as "St. Richard, the morally upright" , behavior being strictly comparative in Washington.

So far, not only has O'Bungler managed to make Jimmy "the dhimmi" Carter look good, he's within 3 poll points of rehabilitating Dick Nixon.

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