Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Gun Scandal

Back in the 80's when it was discovered that the government was covertly supplying arms to anti-communist insurgents in South America, the media made it out to be practically an impeachable offense on the part of the president.

That was then. Today, it seems the government was covertly supplying arms to drug smugglers in South America in an effort to gin up some dead bodies that would enable a greater level of gun control, not by legislation, but by executive fiat under color of agency rule making. Of course this time it's "for the children" or something so it barely rates mention on the evening news.

Acting Director of the BATF, Ken Melson,having been informed by the investigating Senators that he didn't have to appear with a DOJ lawyer, appeared with his own lawyer, and must have spilled a large plate of beans. Apparently the FBI and the DEA were also involved, and the DOJ ran a wide-ranging coverup when the story began breaking. Atty Gen Holder still maintains he knew nothing at all of this until reporters began asking him about it, and Baghdad Bob still insists there are no Americans in Baghdad.

It's only a matter of time, I suppose before Melsons testimony is published. I can't wait. This sounds a lot like an "under the radar" gun control effort as advertised by Holder's boss.


Brad K. said...

Remember back when Obama first got into office, and he and Clinton and the President of Mexico all came out and decried how American arms were being sold under the counter to the drug cartels?

Now we know how they knew it was going on. They were the ones that came up with the scam.

Let the special investigators and impeachments fly, I say.

Activclient said...

This is a treacherous world we are living in. I do remember when Obama first went into office. Incidents like this really make me question lots of things that are spread through the news and other media outlets.

Billll said...

It now appears the Florida branch of the ATF was "walking" guns to Honduras, and that pretty much everybody in the administration knew what was going on.

Someday the MSM may even hear about it.