Sunday, July 17, 2011

Science Marches Onward

A few days ago the Wall St. Journal reported that an espohogus had been built, made from a framework produced on a 3-D printer, and covered with stem-cell tissue from the patient. This was transplanted into the patient to replace a cancerous one that was taken out.

XKCD looks forward and sees even more ambitious undertakings:
Boobs too, I'm sure. Some assembly required. You go first.


Brad K. said...

Um, it is esophagus, not "espohogus". And it is where heartburn occurs, as acid is splashed up from the stomach due to gastro-esophoageal reflux disease (GERD). The frequent failure of the hiatal sphincter at the base of the esophagus/diaphragm under the lungs, allows a fold of the stomach to block the sphincter -- a hiatal hernia -- and allows stomach contents, including normal acids and other digestive juices to wash back up.

After time the continued exposure to acids cause the cells of the throat -- esophagus -- to change. Further changes may lead to cancer.

GERD is the leading cause of chronic sinus infections (acids and food particles/chunks washing up the throat onto sensitive sinus tissues).

Recurring acid reflux (stuff washing up the throat from the stomach) can 'wash' the enamel off the molars, resulting in increased tooth decay.

Tobacco juices slithering down the throat on a regular basis can injure the esophagus, too. Cigar smokers that let the fire to die out in their stogy and continue to suck/chew on the stub can experience throat or stomach cancer. They can also experience the mouth, throat, and stomach cancers of the tobacco chewer.

Which do you suppose will come first from the 3D printer -- a President that works according to the Constitution, or ammo for your basic liberty-defense weapon?

Billll said...

They're already making 30 rd magazines. It's a start.