Friday, July 8, 2011

Mob Rule

If you offend the Godfather, he will send Guido or Nunzio around to adjust your attitude and physiology, possibly to the point of eliminating it entirely. If your "family" offends the Godfather, he sends the same people to set in motion a "regime change" with your family on the theory that the next patron will be easier to deal with after the funeral.

If you annoy the president, like Bruce Tinsley, he sends the IRS around to audit your taxes. If your whole state votes the wrong way, like Texas, he sends the EPA to try to shut down your electric grid. Several Eastern seabord states are involved in this as well.

If it's the general population who has earned presidential ire, again, it's the EPA who arrives in the form of a new fuel that not only destroys your engine, it voids your warranty. Of course if you accidentally put E15 gas in your pre-2001 car, and destroy your engine, perhaps he can interest you in a new Chevy Volt, or other Government Motors car.


Brad K. said...


Oh, please. E15 is "Cash for Clunkers" II. This is a union jobs bill.

The intent is still to strip impoverished America of access to decent running used cars, to maintain sales for union-build new cars. Nothing more, nothing less.

The economics sure doesn't support building a new car to "reduce greenhouse gases"; much of the carbon footprint of a vehicle is already spent, by the time an owner picks up the new car.

There is nothing that would reduce emissions of American cars as much as improving the performance of the vehicles most in need of maintenance. But a bill to buy a valve job, spark plugs and wires, oil change for engine, transmission, and differential, muffler/exhaust repair, and tires for cars 15 years or older won't buy B. Hussein Obama any votes or re-election donations.

Plus, like Medicare and food stamps, such a plan would invite corruption and fraud like a garden draws weeds.

Billll said...

I am shocked, shocked, to hear that there might be fraud and corruption involved.