Sunday, June 19, 2011

Armed Robbery

The state of Colorado has a deep and abiding interest in my health and welfare, as evidenced by the passage of a state law demanding that I wear a seat belt while driving my truck. I suspect that the interest is more in keeping the cash cow (me) producing tax monies fro the state than anything else.

To this end the fine for voluntarily taking your life in your own hands is $65 minimum or $82 if you encourage your kids to take responsibility for their own welfare.

In 14 days of rigorous enforcement, the state recently pulled in an average of $40,000 / day.

If you don't wear a belt now because you feel it's none of the state's damn business, try thinking of the belt as preventing them from having one more hare-brained program to spend your money on since they don't have your money.

Money, guns and alcohol should be kept out of the hands of the criminally irresponsible, and the government, at all levels, is at the top of that list.

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