Saturday, June 11, 2011

Foxes 3

I am hearing stories from the neighbors about the foxes in the neighborhood, and the news is mixed. The two foxes I saw in my back yard looked to be medium sized and quite healthy. The neighbor describes a large, scruffy-looking one he sees in the morning.

He also says he's lost one of his cats, and the neighbors beyond him have lost 2 small dogs. I could get the impression that there are a lot of foxes in the 'hood, and mine are among the smaller ones.

A co-worker tells me he was able to get his foxes to move out by placing a light in the den, and running an AM radio just outside the entrance. Seems they don't like the light and noise, so I'm giving it a try. After 24 hours of a night-light in the ventilation hole, and 850 AM's news, weather and sports, but mostly sports, they seem to have abandoned the den. I'm putting a layer of cinder blocks over the dirt to stop them returning, and salting the area with insecticide to dispose of the fleas.

Neighbor on the other side, who keeps his cat strictly indoors, thinks the foxes are probably Rockies fans and don't mind the incessant sports, it's the 3 hours of Rush Limbaugh that drives them out.

If I thought they were liberals, I'd just put out some land mines and be done with it.

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