Friday, June 24, 2011

Mad Science

I really appreciate the inventive spirit in humans, the ability to turn necessity into invention, and sometimes into obscene profits. Here is a bit from an English student who thought it up while working in an orphanage in Africa. He attaches a front-loading type clothes washer to an adult-sized tricycle, and does the laundry in two 10 minute stints down the road.

This is quite the inspiring thing. One can imagine that the effort to turn the washer would make the trip rather more exhausting than just pedaling by ones self, so let's take this idea and run with it. It's been suggested that this might be expanded to become a dishwasher, presumably with a soft enough suspension to prevent damaging the crockery in potholes.

But all work and no play.... Let's take the 3-wheeled undercarriage and make it a PTO unit. Attach the appliance du jour, and take off down the road. When you get back, swap out the clothes washer for the dishwasher, and turn two more laps. Then snap off the dishwasher and snap in the combination ice cream maker and Daiquiri blender to top off the last few laps.

For myself, I may consider a tumbler to polish the brass cartridges I reload, although this makes enough noise to frighten the horses from some distance away, even with a rotary tumbler. I'm sure there's more. Suggestions, anyone?

H/T to BRM for this one.

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Brad K. said...

If you follow John Michael Greer (ArchDruid Report), The Automatic Earth, and Casaubon's Book, then it should be apparent the world is busy frittering away the last of the petroleum energy that could have been building us a lower-energy infrastructure.

Your bike might want a drum to thresh wheat and other grains -- stuff with wheat heads, and a roller, and get threshing.

Then there might be a piano roll driven calliope, with refrigerator box and frozen slurpies and ice cream bars.

Or just a freezer/refrigerator -- for a food delivery service.

Maybe a drum with a few large 1-2 inch ball bearings for crushing glass, aluminum, or plastic, for re-use or recycling.

There are always uses for roasted nuts or peppers, roasted over a fire dry or oiled.

Or a hybrid solar/generated heat tumbling dehydrator, either with air medium or corn meal, for that evenly-processed touch.