Saturday, June 11, 2011

Free States

The Mercatus Center has a study posted that ranks the relative freedom of the individual states. This is a combo of individual and business freedom, and the details and a map depicting freedom in shades of blue can be found at the link.

It's nice to see my own state, Colorado, rated at #7, although I seem to remember the place being MUCH less regulated not that long ago. It's depressing to think that 80% of the country is more like North Korea than we are.

Another interesting item is the way Indiana stands out, #3, in a sea of darkness like Switzerland surrounded by the 3rd Reich.

They mention regulation of air guns in Colorado. I was unaware we had any regulations beyond admonitions not to shoot out other peoples windows.


jed said...

Well, I did a bit of searching at the Michie Colorado site, and didn't find anything specific to pneumatic arms. Some definitions could be read to include such, but I hope that they aren't generally lumped in with "firearms". That vagueness is alluded to here. Note that some municipalities have specific, even worse, regulations.

Given the level of govt. interference in CO, it's depressing indeed that we're #7 for liberty.

Billll said...

I looked over the sites you mentioned, and did not find references to air guns. As they seem to have been ignored by the state legislature, regulation devolves to municipalities.

Considering this I'm mildly amazed I wasn't charged as a terrorist in possession of a WMD for setting up the big pumpkin guns out in Aurora.