Saturday, June 4, 2011

Quote Of The Week

"If you want to make a Conservative angry, tell him a lie. If you want to make a Liberal angry, tell him the truth." - Rush Limbaugh

This from an observation at News Busters that while Time magazine is making odds on the GOP wannabes, they continue to completely ignore Herman Cain, even after his outstanding showing in the recent debate. Speculation runs wild: Is Time racist? Is Time bigoted?

Actually the truth is a bit too plain to see. Time is Democratic. The last thing they want anyone to see, is a competent, conservative BLACK candidate. It might give the others ideas. It would also explain why they give the best odds to the RINOs and lesser standing to the conservatives.

Update: I suppose it's incumbent on me to point out that Townhall's polls which appear on Moonbattery and other placed, are guilty of the same offense. They even include Huckabee, who's not officially running.


Anonymous said...

Juliet Foxtrot Charlie!

Do you seriously believe that conservatives have some monopoly on virtue?

If so, I've got some wind-farms I'd like to sell you.

Billll said...

A monopoly? Of course not. A majority share? Certainly. It's their greatest weakness. Catch a conservative parking illegally, and he'll resign his office. Catch a liberal in a capital felony, and he won't step down until the jail doors clang shut, and even then he'll appoint a crony to warm his seat until he gets out.

Anonymous said...

Wow, what fantasy planet do you live on?

It's one thing to believe that the mainstream media is harder on conservatives than liberals. Hell, anyone who doesn't know that, or refuses to believe it, is an idiot.

But to believe that conservatives are more virtuous is just as foolish.

Billll said...

Actually it's built into the basic precepts of their philosophy. The conservative favors keeping things status quo, the liberal left believe that should be the first thing to go.