Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Gun Law, Colorado

In a case before the 10th circuit, Gray Peterson is suing the state to demand recognition of his out-of-state carry permits. Colorado does not recognize Mr. Petersons Florida permit since he doesn't live there, and doesn't recognize his Washington permit because we haven't gotten around to recognizing them yet.

Mr Peterson argues that in light of MacDonald, the states, as well as lower jurisdictions must recognize the right to both keep and bear arms for persons not otherwise prohibited from owning them.

In a best-case scenario, this would effectively grant constitutional carry to everybody, except as noted. The next best case would be to force all jurisdictions, state and local, to at least recognize each others carry permits. This would force Illinois to recognize Utah and Florida permits while forgoing the revenue to be had from issuing their own.

Worst case would require states that permit CCW to recognize all other state issued permits, which would leave Illinois as the only holdout.

Peterson v Garcia. Coming soon to a courthouse near you.

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