Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Pop Quiz!

Here's the rules:
1) get a pencil and a small piece of paper, number 1 through 5.
2) put your watch or a clock with a second hand where you can see it.
3) Test includes literacy and numeracy so no e-dictionary or calculating aids.
4) Read the questions below and write down your answers. You have 2 minutes from the start of reading the questions.

* There were no _________ remarks at the parents' evening. Is the correct word: dissaproving disaproveing dissapproving disapproving?
* A lesson begins at 11:40. The teacher prepares a 10-minute introduction followed by a 15-minute video clip and then a 25-minute activity. At what time does the activity end? Give your answer using the 24-hour clock.
* The children enjoyed the _________ nature of the task. Is the correct word: mathmatical, mathematical, mathemmatical or mathematicall?
* Teachers organised activities for three classes of 24 pupils and four classes of 28 pupils. What was the total number of pupils involved?
* For a science experiment a teacher needed 95 cubic centimetres of vinegar for each pupil. There were 20 pupils in the class. Vinegar comes in 1,000 cubic centimetre bottles. How many bottles of vinegar were needed?

Fun, wasn't it? Found these questions in a nice article on the state of education at Samizdata.


Brad K. said...


Now, the follow through. Is it the same one, eliminate the Dept of Education, so that the Secretary of State (sic) won't have anything to do?

I kind of like the idea of firing the Secy of Ed, and tying Hillary's hands, both. I know we cannot get rid of the Dept of State, since the Constitution lists it in the schedule of "what happens if the President dies, and the VP, and the Speaker of the House, and . . .".

BTW, I cannot figure if Hillary thinks that doing such a lousy job as Secy of State to get Obama pushed out, will then be a kudo for her own bid for President. I mean, it is amazing that so many foreign entanglements and such are going on, with nearly no mention of Secy Clinton. And so much is going badly, I would think the Secy of State would be fired, and someone competent put in that position. Instead, it looks like Hillary (the candidate) bribed Obama's speech writer to make him look bad.

Unless Obama is setting Hillary up for some last-minute, under-the-bus-throwing, election strategy.

Billll said...

The S of S job is the Washington equivalent to exile to Siberia. Hills job is to travel the world, keep a low profile, and never get in front of a camera unless she's a respectful 3 paces behind the president.

This follows the Machiavellian rule to keep your friends close but keep your enemies closer. I still think this will backfire.

Hill will announce her candidacy early next year, citing her long service as S of S in lieu of any actual executive experience, and take advantage of every failure being attributable to her boss, and any success being her work.

At that point, even the Dems will be tired of apologizing for the boob-in-chief and Obie will join his former friends under the bus.