Friday, June 24, 2011

BATFEIEIO Chief To Testify

This could get interesting, depending on what Ken Melson has in mind. The talk in D.C. is that he's to be thrown under the bus, along with everybody else as a scapegoat, and to keep any more of the story from surfacing. However:
The acting director of the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives is strongly resisting pressure to step down because of growing controversy over the agency's surveillance program that allowed U.S. guns to flow unchecked into Mexico, according to several federal sources in Washington.

Kenneth E. Melson, who has run the bureau for two years, is reportedly eager to testify to Congress about the extent of his and other officials' involvement in the operation, code-named Fast and Furious.
It has been suggested that the entire purpose of the operation was to artificially create a crisis to enable restrictive gun laws to be implemented by agency edict, rather than asking vulnerable congressmen to commit political suicide by actually voting for them.

One wonders just how many remain on the bus, as opposed to under it. A poem by Walt Kelly entitled "The Prince Of Pompadoodle" is coming to mind.


Brad K. said...

Here is hoping that the BATFE Chief can pull down his boss, Secretary of Treasury Geitner.

And I would be really, really happy if the Sec'y of State behind the shenanigans and lies cooked up with Mexico were to be jailed for a few decades. It couldn't happen to a less honorable, more deserving Clinton.

Of course, B. Hussein Obama *must* have another union/socialist thug in mind to "toughen up" as we proceed down the President's re-election campaign assault.

Billll said...

The BATF is a subsidiary of the Justice department, and reports to Eric Holder.

Spending 150% of tax revenues and then printing money to make up the difference; That's Geitner.