Monday, June 6, 2011

Sic Transit Gloria...

And all that. It seems the TV producers have changed their minds about using me on their program. The word I'm getting is that they have decided to promote backyard inventors who have produces backyard inventions for the good of humanity.

My experience with this is that it's a sovereign cure for adolescent obesity. What better service to humanity could I produce, at least in this country? I recommend it to every household full of kids in the country, as long as they're located more than 1/2 mile from my house.

Of course it's possible that the producers somehow found out what I actually think of a large part of humanity, which doesn't of course, include any of my readers.

At any rate, they hold out the prospect of going on later if the show progresses, or if they decide that a generous dollop of violence would boost the ratings.


Brad K. said...

One wonders, with an administration committed to 'let no crisis go unexploited', what Obama and company are up to, under cover of keeping Weiner on the front page.

In the past, throwing someone under the bus like this has been used to cover actions that should have seen a great deal of the light of day, but that B. Hussein Obama preferred to keep in the dark.

Larry Ashcraft said...

I ran across this blog the other day and wondered if it was the same Billll I knew. This confirms it.

We've missed your toys at the last few get togethers (which are now on September 1st, with an accompanying dove feast).

Billll said...

I didn't get a notice, and assumed you'd stopped doing it. I'd be tickled pink to show up.

Larry Ashcraft said...

I'll keep you informed.

Last year H&Hhunter brought his .470 NE double rifle and let us shoot it. That was quite the experience.

Art has come up from Texas the last two years. We're hoping he comes up again this year. He's a hoot, and he's not getting any younger.

Billll said...

Contact me at bill at llew dot org.