Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Tea Party Tomorrow

At the State Capitol at 10 AM.

Unfortunately I have to be at work. A job is difficult to find, and I haven't been there long enough to take days off yet. However, not everybody is so bothered. As Michelle Malkin reports:
The Revolutionary Anti-Imperialist Movement is calling on all radicals – anarchists and communists, Mexican and Black nationalists, Third Worldists and Indigenists, students, social critics and anti-racists – to come out and oppose this vile, hateful message in the midst of the Tea Party Movement. Bring signs, bullhorns, props, a hat and sunglasses, etc. Cut loose and let these racist crackers know they are opposed.
I'm guessing there will be 2-5000 Tea partiers out there, although with the warm weather and all, it could be bigger. The downside is that there's effectively no parking within six blocks or so of the venue. I'm also guessing the RAIM folks will be countable on the fingers on one hand. Maybe two hands, with some fingers left over. If you have one to spare, give it to the RAIM-bos.

And for you sons and daughters of the great revolution of 1917, be sure you dress appropriately so as to fit in to the group you're trying to infiltrate:
And throw snappy Nazi salutes to further blend in. This and other sartorial suggestions here.

For you partiers, Glenn Reynolds suggests you bring a video camera, maybe one of the pocket sized Flip models to record all the fun.

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