Saturday, April 10, 2010

Hi Ho, Hi Ho, It's Off To The Convention I Go

As a delegate to the Republican county convention anyway. Here we meet the hopefuls who want to get elected to the various county-level positions, including local house and Senate candidates.

Hopefully I won't be hearing too much about how Fred the Republican can administer a big wasteful program better than Bob the Democrat. I want to hear about how "Chainsaw" Fred proposes to do away with the program.

Advance predictions:

1. Pravda-By-The-Platte, AKA the Denver Post will cover the conventions by visiting the Denver County Republican convention. They will not visit any swing counties.

2. In the upcoming elections, Pravda-By-The-Platte will confirm its claims of bipartisanship by endorsing every single Republican fortunate enough to be running unopposed, proving that they don't endorse exclusively Democrats. Just when they get the chance.

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