Monday, April 19, 2010

Hi-Point 4095

I have traded in my Leader Dynamics EBW for a Hi Point 4095 carbine. Hi point is a bit slow updating their website, so the above is a 9mm version. Imagine the barrel being just a tiny bit bigger, otherwise, same gun.

Due to the ammo shortage, and an unexpected honey-do bomb, I haven't been to the range yet. Maybe this weekend. Meantime, I've found a couple of things. First, let me remind you of the story about the IT guy who joined the Army:

He goes to the rifle range, and puts a magazine full down range, only to be told that there were no holes in the target. He puts his finger over the end of the barrel and pulls the trigger, shooting off a bit of finger. He then calls back to the downrange spotter:
"It's coming out this end O.K. The problem must be on your end."

The Hi Point comes with a yellow stickie on the stock that reads:

"CAUTION This is a short barreled rifle.
DO NOT extend your FINGERS past the MUZZLE of the weapon."

The marksmanship instructor must have retired and taken a job with Hi Point.

I'm not a fan of the broom handle, but that's the only model that was available. OTOH, it folds back into a credible variant on Magpul's AFG, so maybe I'll get to like it after all.

The gun comes with an allen wrench which fits every screw on the gun except the fine sight adjustments and the broom handle. The broom handle takes the next size smaller. The handle has a clever secret compartment, in which is a wrench / screwdriver tool that allows pretty much complete dis-assembly of the gun. I was advised that brushing the bore after every 2-300 rounds would suffice, and more extensive cleaning could wait for the 2-3000 round mark.

All Hi Point carbines will be shipped with the "sport" stock, shown in the picture above, complete with a spring-loaded pad. The 9mm version reportedly has little recoil to absorb, but the .40 is reported to be noticeably "sportier".

One last thing: The box this gun came in had check boxes to designate the model inside. Choices being 4095, and 4595. Yes, that's right, according to highly reliable third-hand information, the .45 ACP H-P is actually in production, awaiting delivery of stocks, and will be on the market in August. If you already shoot a .45 pistol, you may commence drooling. This model has been "6 months out" since 2004, so I'm not holding my breath. Of course if Hi Point wants to send me a pre-production model for evaluation, I'll be happy to endorse their projected delivery date.

The club has an IDPA-style match this Saturday, so I'll be at the range, barring the predicted cloudy, rainy, and cold frightening people off. Range report this weekend. Several of the members shoot .40 SS&W so I should be able to get Chroney data over a range.


Robert said...

Three statisticians go duck hunting.

When they spot a duck, the first statistician shoots high and above the duck.

The second statistician shoots low and below the duck.

As the duck continues to fly away, the third statistician shouts "We got him!"

Anonymous said...

> I have traded in my Leader Dynamics EBW
> for a Hi Point 4095 carbine.

For Sale: Leader Mark V

Price: $ 1,500
Seller: Private Party
Listed On: Sunday, February 02, 2014
Listed In: Rifles
Location: Longmont, Colorado
Caliber: 223/5.56 NATO
Action: Semi-automatic
Firearm Type: Rifle

Leader Mark V with scope. Cleaning kit, some spare parts, case and manual.

Anonymous said...

The guy hasn't sold it yet, and is now asking $2,000...

For Sale: Leader Dynamics Mark V

Price: $ 2,000
Seller: Private Party
Account: Registered on 6/19/2014
Listed On: Thursday, June 19, 2014
Listed In: Rifles
Location: Longmont, Fort Collins, Colorado
Manufacturer: Armalite
Caliber: 223/5.56 NATO
Action: Semi-automatic
Firearm Type: Rifle

Leader Dynamics Mark V assault rifle. Search Wikipedia for details. I do have a video of this rifle online if you want to see it close up. Send me a message if you want to see the video