Saturday, April 10, 2010

And Back From The Convention

The local offices needing filling were already down to single candidates, so no excitement on that front.

The heavyweights running for state office find Arapahoe county too big and too convenient to pass up, so they were all there, pressing the flesh, and handing out candy. By the time I got there, I would have sold my vote for a cup of coffee, but strangely, no one had any.

The heavyweights all got to speak, and were mercifully limited to 3 minutes each. At least two shot themselves in the foot. Unfortunately, the wireless mike was cutting in and out, which made hearing difficult. I blame the administrations stranglehold on the media.

Ryan Fraiser made a good impression by dumping the defective mike and booming to the audience. The poor lady from eastern Europe who was running for governor, couldn't get the mike to work at all, and went home largely unheard.

Steal a page from Jessee Jackson: Bring your own bull-horn, and dish out the bull at full volume.

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