Saturday, April 24, 2010

Primary Politics

National Peoples Radio is already bringing up the possibility of a primary challenger to The One, even though that event is 2 years out just yet. They start off by citing four previous such moves in recent memory, and point out that they all failed. Like we don't know whose side NPR is on.

They also point out that the incumbents, having fended off a primary challenge, went on to lose the general election, so in the interest of covering the bases, they trot out some potential challengers, and look at their prospects. This exercise has the earmarks of an inter mural version of the last election in which the Times endorsed the weakest Republican candidate until he got the nomination, then tossed him under the bus without further ado, come the general.

The strongest challenger at this point has to be Hillary, although Barry has done enough for organized labor to win them over handily.

I'm looking forward to a primary which is decided when either Rahm Emmanual is found in Ft. Marcy Park, or Hill's campaign manager is found in the Chicago river. It's how it's done on their side of the fence any more.

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