Friday, April 30, 2010

Civil Collapse

PDB has a post in which he suggests that a reduction in police services may be an early symptom of impending civil collapse.
Over here, is a piece in which a judge in Ohio suggests that the citizenry arm themselves in the face of police budget cuts and layoffs.

I'm not seeing an impending collapse of civilization as we know it. Both these examples suggest that the people are capable of sorting out a certain amount of kerfufflery on their own, which is the basis for a working libertarian society. What I think I'm seeing is an increasingly incompetent government providing less and less of the basic services a government should provide, and paying themselves more and more to do less and less.

To me this looks like an impending regime change.

What bothers me is that the left believes, down to the bottoms of their hearts, that the government can and should take care of everything, the Republicans, while giving lip service to the notion of limited government, won't do anything to roll it back. In their heyday, the Whigs policy was to repeal anything they could on the premise that laws passed by the opposition were intrusive, expensive, and not actually needed. Their laissez faire attitude toward everything except government eventually proved their downfall as they were unable to take a position on slavery, and vanished as a political force in the 1850s.

Today I find their active hostility toward government intervention to be more and more attractive.

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