Friday, April 9, 2010

The Payoffs

It is quickly becoming apparent that, barring the Republicans acting like Republicans, the Dems are going to take a major shellacking this fall.

The game at this point is to enter your best guess as to what any specific "suicide voter" will get in return for their vote.

What do you think? An ambassadorship to someplace with warm weather and good rum? A permanent seat on a "death panel" where one could conceivably ration health care to ones enemies?

Come January next year I bet we see a whole raft of these.

Chris Dodd: An Ambassadorship to Ireland, since he already has a "modest cottage" there on an exclusive gated island.

Barney Frank: Same thing, but to the Dominican Republic. He also has a beach side bungalow in the $500,000 range, which goes a long ways in the D.R.

Bart Stupak: Something in Canada, where he could come home on weekends by traveling after dark to avoid the lynch mobs.

Harry Reid: He's not a very diplomatic sort, which qualifies him with the current administration for a posting to England, with whom we are no longer being diplomatic.

Barbra Boxer: Has the kind of arrogance that would make the Red Queen jealous. A shoo-in for a death panel job, which I'm sure she'd enjoy.

Quite a few of these people have no obvious talent at all, so I suppose the witness protection program is the placement of last resort.

Any other suggestions?


Toaster 802 said...

Every one of your picks would be over qualified as shark bait.

You Betcha!

Billll said...

The National chum bucket.

Has a nice ring to it, doesn't it, congressman?