Saturday, April 3, 2010

Gun Fun 3

Today, being the first Saturday of the month I would normally be out shooting bowling pins, but the club bought a set of Steel Challenge plates, and we decided to give them a try instead.

This was probably a good idea, as the wind was blowing at around 40 mph, and we would have spent a good deal of time chasing wayward pins as they tumbled across the plains like tumbleweeds.
Here's a stage. Sorry for the photo quality, but as I said the wind was about 40 mph, and the dust was rather hard to take. Note the 5 white plates on the left. The rightmost plate is actually in the center of the arrangement from the shooters POV. The drill is, when the timer starts, to hit the 4 plates at the rear, some 18 yards back, then hit the one in the center, some 9 yards out. The small plates are 10" dia, and the "big" ones are 12".

This is a difficult stage, and the wind sure didn't help. Oddly enough, I believe I did slightly better with the little CZ-82 than I did with the 6" revolver. I must be getting the hang of the automatic.

We gave up after 3 stages, although most of us shot each one twice using different guns. Several people shot the stages with .22s. If the stages don't involve any more targets than the ones today, I won't need a second magazine for my Ruger Mk 1. Still, I was sort of looking for an excuse to pick one up.

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