Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Newt Wants To Be President

Billll thinks he's past his "use by" date. Well past.

Party insiders favor the "next guy in line" which gave us Bob Dole and John McCain.

Political neophytes favor any first term representative with a bold new bill to address the problem du jour.

I favor someone with a proven record of executive experience. Pawlenty, Daniels, Jindall, Cain, and Perry come to mind.

I am also painfully aware they don't call it the "Stupid Party" for nothing.


Brad K. said...

I dunno. Dr. Coburn claims he is about done with being Senator - says twice is enough for any person of character, wit, and morals.

I would kind of like to see him put his money where his mouth is, with his stands against expanding government and against expanding government spending.

The Republicans, even the Tea Party, could do worse. And likely will.

Billll said...

Blogger went down yesterday, and today, I see at least some of the comments here got wiped out during the disaster.

To answer the now-disappeared comment, if Newt can win the GOP nomination, I'll certainly vote for him. This time around it's going to be difficult for the GOP to find a candidate bad enough to keep the opponents of Obama home, although I can certainly imagine a major effort being put forth to this end.

Darryl said...

Any candidate worth having, is smart enough to stay inside and keep his cake hole shut until the last possible minute. At least, considering the driftwood we've seen so far, that is my fervent hope.

Cain is busy talking a lot of sense, even if he delivers it in a southern preacher sort of way. I predict a lot of fun at his expense because of that.