Friday, May 27, 2011

Electioneering - How It's Done

Anyone who thinks the MSM don't have a stake and a position in the upcoming (only 17 more shopping MONTHS left!) elections either isn't paying attention or plans to vote for the Hawaiian Marxist anyway.

Pollsters get paid to find out what people think. They also get paid to influence how people think. Examples of the latter are push polls in which questions are phrased in such a way as to influence the outcome, not only of the poll, but of an impending election as well. Early on, a polling outfit can produce bogus results to please a customer since the results mean nothing but may influence an outcome later. CNN has just released a poll showing Rudi Guliani narrowly edging out Mitt Romney for first place. A bit of looking reveals the poll was of adults, not likely voters, which means it's skewed leftward. In spite of this Palin came in third.

The MSM can be counted on to come down solidly on the side of the most left-leaning candidate in any given election, so the preliminary work is to convince conservatives of the inevitability of the most left-leaning RINO the Republicans have to offer. Note the sterling endorsements the New York Times gave John McCain all the way up to the point that he got the nomination. Then they were all-Obama-all-the-time.

At this point, I believe that Obama could be beaten by an old yellow dog provided that 1) the dog came across as a conservative, say by biting John Kerry, and 2) demonstrated an unwillingness to sell out his principles, say by biting Nancy Pelosi in spite of being offered a steak not to.

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