Thursday, May 26, 2011


My neighbor tells me his wife saw 3-5 foxes playing in my back yard this morning. I certainly saw 2 of them, and this evening I find they have left the remains of another squirrel and a black and yellow bird, which I'm thinking I used to be able to identify.

They also seem to have been playing with the dog toys we leave out back for when my daughter brings her dog over.

They are cute, healthy looking, playful, doubtless flea-ridden, and cutting in to my supply of post-apocalyptic munchies (squirrels).

D'wife had me pick up a bottle of bobcat urine, which is flogged as certain to send the redcoats to someone else's pasture. I like the foxes, it's just that having a whole pack dening in your back yard is just a bit much. At $17 for a modest bottle, I would have been willing to go out, have a nice steak and a Guinness, to give the right predator overtones, and take a wiz around the back yard myself.


Richard G. Combs said...

Foxes in the yard, ho-hum. Wait 'til you see a fox on the roof.

Billll said...

I've heard of flying foxes, but not ones that looked like that. Mine are messy eaters. I have to clean up the remains of the squirrels and birds they bring back. Yours must have been hunting pigeons.

Richard G. Combs said...

If that fox killed and ate all the pigeons, I'd be happy as a clam. And wouldn't mind cleaning up any mess he or she left.

Unfortunately, the pigeons seem to have been unmolested. :-(

My pellet gun would probably solve the problem, except for those nasty Denver ordinances regarding that sort of activity.