Sunday, May 22, 2011

The Pollitical Circus

At this point, the 2012 election is a breathtaking 18 months out, the press id jonseing for someone to bash, and the Republicans aren't providing them with a target.

The bubbleheads on the View are convinced that following Obama's Rambo-esque actions in Pakistan, he is now unbeatable. Rassmussen begs to differ, but what does he know? The presidents disapproval rating has gone from a low of -22 to the current -10 on the strength of Osamas demise. We will see what telling the Jews to drop dead, siding with the unions against Boeing and South Carolina, and continuing to ignore the border problems does for that.

Mitch Daniels has officially dropped out, fearing that extensive press coverage of his wife's escapades from 10 years ago would be put up as evidence of his own lack of qualification.

Hermann Cain has made it official, he's in. The media is dealing with this by ignoring him.

I was going to comment on the state of things, but Jay Tea over at Wizbang beat me to it, and is doubtless a better wordsmith than I am, but the gist of it is that whomever the Republicans run doesn't have to be better than Jesus Christ, he only has to be better than the incumbent. The media will, of course, take exception:

4. Make the enemy live up to their own book of rules. Alinsky's example is controversial, but effective -- the Christian Church has never lived up to all the rules of Christianity. Saul Alinsky- Domestic Terrorist

By demanding that the Republican be perfect, and harping incessently on his shortcomings, the media draws attention away from the fact that in a truly just society, the Democrat would be doing consecutive life terms, breaking rocks on short rations.

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