Saturday, May 7, 2011

Spring Gun Fun

Mother Nature apparently having tired of banging the switch up and down, it's now Summer. 80's and sunshine, which beats last weekend with 40's and high wind.

Bowling pins in the morning and finishing about halfway down which means I'm getting better. More weight training is indicated. Some discussion went on as to the disparity between revolvers and automatics in a pin shoot. We limit autos to 8 rounds per magazine which seems like a big advantage, but if you aim carefully, 5 shots is all it takes, and the revolvers tend to carry an advantage in momentum.

What about a pin match with Limited Vickers rules? Limit everybody to 5 rounds period, and the winner is the one with the fewest pins still on the table, assuming someone doesn't just clear his table. How about including a time limit too?

Postal matches involving Necco wafers at Sandcastle Scrolls, and diminishing dots at Cheaper Than Dirt. Prizes: Not really, but you get to eat the unshot Neccos and there's a random drawing for a $50 gift certificate at CTD.

And yes, the Hi Point shoots smaller groups with the 180gr ammo. Not all problems have been resolved at this point.

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