Sunday, May 15, 2011

Judicial Selection

As the field of presidential wannabes begins to coalesce, we begin to find out things about their pasts. Now admittedly this is more likely to happen with the Republican candidates since the press has no interest in vetting Democrats, just electing them, but the rise of the New Media, in the form of the blogosphere, Twitter, Facebook, has changed the rules.

The video I linked to regarding Newt Gingrinch and Nancy Pelosi, for example. And now this: In Indiana, appellate court judge Steven David has ruled that citizens have no right to resist an unlawful entry into their homes by the police. This ruling overturns established law going back to the Magna Carta itself, which was the inspiration for the fourth amendment barring searches or seizures without a warrant.

The peasantry are rightfully up in arms, and are demanding his head on a pike, or at least his removal from office. As a recent appointee, he is up for a retention vote in 2012 so they may well get their way on this one, but who, I hear you ask, appointed such a doofus?

Governor, and presidential wannabe, Mitch Daniels!

Executives sometimes make bad picks for judgeships, Nixon appointed Stevens who turned out to be a bastion of leftie thinking for way too long, and Eisenhower commented that Earl Warren was the worst mistake he ever made, but we are owed at least a good yarn regarding the thinking, if any, that went into this appointment especially by someone who may well get to appoint judges to the Supreme Court.

H/T to Irons In The Fire

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