Monday, May 30, 2011

Politics as Usual

This thing has been all over the web, so if you've already seen is and have stopped laughing/spluttering, just skip over.

As I've mentions about polls this early in the game, the questions tend to run along the lines of "Do you like immigrants, or would you like to see them thrown to the alligators in the moat?

Notice that the word "illegal" doesn't come up except as something the heartless GOP wants to superimpose on the luckless immigrant.

Now I do not endorse throwing immigrants to the alligators. At least not all of them. Certain narrowly defined subsets, maybe. And just to show that I don't believe that line about doing jobs Americans won't do, I would charitably consider including certain narrowly defined subsets of American citizens into the "alligator bait" category.

Let's even be sporting about it. I'd make the moat 50 feet wide, 2 feet deep, and the rule is that if you make it to the other side, you're free to go. Anywhere you like. If you want to come here, feel free to pick up an application, available at any bridge, and fill it out.


Brad K. said...

About 20 years ago, Denver was experiencing an unstoppable influx of people that brought their money, their families, took jobs and housing, and set about changing Denver to mimic the land they fled.

The term one realtor used to describe the erosion of jobs and political and economic character, was "Californication", since most of the most disruptive part of the influx of people were from California. (I recall moving to Mountain View in 1983, and remarking about the bumper stickers, "Welcome to California. Now go home." My own bumper stickers were more along the lines of "God is coming -- and is She pissed!" and "Unless you are the lead sled dog, the view never changes.")

I have a buddy that does pipeline construction. For the last three or more years, most of the crews still working (there have been lots of projects canceled) are mostly Mexican. It seems they get more work done in a day, even counting that many are still building skills and experience, than Union welders and fitters.

And I say the right approach is to nationalize (or maybe just invite) the parts of Mexico the illegals fled, to join the US. That makes them all US citizens, and keeps everyone satisfied. Plus, by moving the border south, it makes the fence or moat or whatever that much shorter. Heck, just kicking out the Mexican Federales and corrupt police from the northern tier of Mexican states would cut off a major source of arms and money from the drug cartels. For the rest -- send the IRS after those greedy drug cartels making money in America without paying their fair share in taxes.

We could let the Mexicans of native ancestry bootstrap their territories into states by letting them open regular US type casinos. That would beat the socks off NAFTA.

Billll said...

I just read a piece, can't remember where, that points out that the Mexican economy is growing faster than ours in spite of the drug wars and general lawlessness.

I suspect it's because of the inability of the alleged government there to act in it's usual manner, and crush economic development before it can get started. Perhaps the Narco's aren't all bad?