Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Vaccine Priorities, From Where I Sit

 Gov Polis has allegedly worked out some sort of priorities for passing out the Vaccines for the WuHan Flu*. As nearly as I can make out, they go like this:

  1. The governor. Of course. As designated sheepdog, without him, what would everyone else do?

  2. The Governors staff. Obvious, no?

  3. The Legislative Democrats. They're the majority, so why not?

  4. The Legislative Democrats staff**. Again, obvious.

  5. The republican legislators.

  6. The republican legislators staffs. Keeps them from infecting the ruling party.

  7. Health care professionals. The stuff goes to the hospitals so they need to be dealt in but...

    a The hospital administration, who by the way, never see patients are first. Next up are

    b The actual doctors and nurses. My doctor ratted them out.

  8. Law enforcement and prison guards

  9. People over 65 in nursing homes, jails, and other institutions. After all they vote almost exclusively Democrat.

  10. People over 70 who are otherwise healthy. This is my group.

  11. Prison inmates on Death Row.

  12. Everyone else.

*The Sockpuppet in chief has signed an E.O. from the Central Committee banning the use of the phrases "China Flu" and "WuHan Flu" as being unkind to the country that "employs" his son. In keeping with this I will only refer to the disease as the "Chinky Pox", O.K.?

**Includes press and media folks of course.

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