Thursday, January 7, 2021

What Democrats Want

 It's a Christmas List, missing only the pony under the tree.

[X] The House of Reps. Although they almost lost it this time.*

[X] The Senate. They get that this month.

[X] The presidency. They get that the 20th

[  ] The Supreme court. Not yet, but I suspect about June, 7-5**

[  ] Trumps Head on a pike. He's leaving in 2 weeks ***

*Focusing on the presidential election meant that the down ballot choices didn't get the same attention. With 2 years to work on it and no presidential distractions, no democrat at the Federal level should ever need to worry about getting elected or reelected ever again. By 2024, the software should be able to work automatically all the way down.

**With the trifecta, Pelosi will introduce legislation to increase the number of justices to 12. Bidens handlers will have their chosen 3 queued up as soon as the legislation is signed. Schumer will ram them through posthaste.

*** Trump is leaving in 2 weeks depriving the coup of an official deposition of a sitting president so getting that final trophy will have to be done in the courts on one pretext or another. 

Or am I unduly depressed?

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Bob P said...

Probability a little of both. I fill your pain