Thursday, January 14, 2021

Coup Theater

 This has been done so many times in so many equatorial countries that the U.S. Press doesn't even cover it any more except possibly to report the name of the new boss.

  1. Various stuff happens, and the Old Boss is displaced from office. There may even have been an election involved although this isn't a requirement.

  2. The New Boss in inaugurated, taking a solemn oath of office, administered by a long time crony of his in a black robe. This usually happens in a public place, say the steps of the capitol.

  3. Proper stagecraft is de rigueur. This includes being surrounded by people in high office who supported him, and a couple of people in highly decorated military uniforms. This is to remind the losers what they will be facing if they get any funny ideas.

  4. If the New Boss is really worried about the peasants questioning his legitimacy, he will also include a mass of heavily armed soldiers, facing outward, in the rows nearest to the podium/platform. Nothing clears your mind like looking down the business end of an assault rifle.

  5. The follow-up includes arresting the Old Boss, confiscating all his possessions, and jailing or executing him. This is also frequently followed by pursuing any of his followers who do not immediately kow-tow to the New Boss and affirm their loyalty with sufficiently large donations to the New Boss Re Election Fund.

Pelosi has asked that the U.S. Nuclear codes be taken away from the president, and entrusted to the Speaker of the House. She has also asked the commandant of Marines for 5000* armed marines (!) to be present at the inauguration. She has also been informed, in case she didn't know, that she is NOT in any military chain of command and is NOT entitled to be asking for any of this.

To be asking for any of this is to be asking the military to support her coup d'etat in the finest traditions of banana republics everywhere. The proper response from the military is a resounding NO, and the proper response from the legislature should be a quick and broadly based removal from office. The proper response from the DOJ should be Federal charges against her and her inmost circle of supporters.

Unfortunately, while the military has responded correctly, the legislature has proven unsurprisingly spineless, and Chicago Rules apply to the DOJ.

UPDATE: My mistake. The correct number seems to be not 5,000 but 20,000 and the public is discouraged from attending, not that very many would have shown up anyway. Good to know the New Boss is supported by at least 20,000 men in full battle dress. 

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