Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Election Fraud - Insurance

 Not to guarantee an outcome, but to reduce the possibility of the outcome being "guaranteed".

A groundswell movement at the state level for an election process less open to manipulation would be a good start. Demand that your state legislator carry a bill to ;

1. Close voting at 8 PM on election day. (Hard close. If there's a line, the poll worker will go out and pin a note to the back of the last person in the line at 8 PM saying "You snooze, you lose. Go home!)

2. Absentee ballots must be requested, NEVER sent out in bulk mail.

3. Ballot harvesting should be severely curtailed, limiting the possession to no more than, say, 2 completed ballots.

4. Addresses with multiple (>10) voters, i.e. Apartments, Nursing homes, Homeless shelters, bars, vacant lots, etc, need to be addressed.

5. Any electronic devices used to register or tabulate ballots MUST be sequestered for a minimum of 30 days following an election to provide for a supervised forensic examination by a reputable 3rd party should such an examination be required.

Some states have a provision for a runoff vote in races involving multiple candidates. In these cases, all voting devices used in a runoff MUST be electronically copied and/or forensically examined before being employed in the second balloting event.

6. Vote total tallies must be reported hourly as they are recorded from the precinct level up. Absentee ballot counting will begin at 7 AM on election day and continue until all are counted. Received absentee ballot totals will be reported at 7 AM on election day, and any received during election day will be reported separately. NO absentee ballots arriving after 8 PM on election day will be counted.

This should at least make fraud at least somewhat more difficult. Your legislator may complain about the increased workload imposed on election workers, but you can point out that overworked government workers every other year beats peasants with pitchforks and torches outside his or her office. Photo ID should also be required. The pols may object, calling it voter suppression. Push back. If the junkies in the homeless encampments can't be arsed to get a card and not lose it, then they probably shouldn't be voting in the first place. Make sure his constituents know that he or she was elected by people this stupid and ask if they want to be included in that group.

Cut this post and paste it in an email to your state Representative and Senator. Edit out my snarky comments to make it look professional. Lots more things should probably be included, but we have to work in the realm of the possible, not the realm of utopia. Get what we can, then move on to the rest. 

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