Monday, January 25, 2021

The Biden Pools

 Slo Joe is living up (down) to expectations warming the big chair in the Oval office, signing Nancy Pelosi's EO's as fast as she can produce them, which seems to make Pelosi the de facto president. She must be thrilled. 

Elections having consequences, let's have a look at some of the possible ones and offer up a chance to take a position on them. If you want to bet, you can set that up on one of the online betting forums but what would you like to see? Here are some predictions by various people with various records for your consideration. You get to bet not on the actual date, but rather on the over/under, or sooner/later. I have attached the predictors name to these when they have done the prediction on a public forum/blog/Facebook/Twitter. No fair outing your office mates prediction that Joe would commit Arkancide, moving Kamala to the big chair, who would then appoint Hillary to the VP slot. Kamala's not THAT dumb.

Anyway here's some predictions. Feel free to suggest others. I left off Socialist Utopia achieved by 2022 unless you want to define that as all major Republican voices sent to camps by 2022. Full disclosure: I'm usually wrong. The question here is which way and how far.

Kevin Baker (FB) – Gas to $3.00/gal by July

Billll          China to invade Taiwan by 1 August

Various         11 million illegals get green cards by end of year

Gateway Pundit National vote-by-mail, No ID required by July

Billll First federal office election with >100% turnout in 2022

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