Monday, January 4, 2021

NICS for 2020 - And you thought Obie and Hill could sell guns!

 Here's the final numbers for NICS checks in 2020: 3,937,066. Almost made 4 million, but very close. Adjusted by the NSSF to account for non gun sale checks, that implies 2,795,316 guns changing hands last year.

Nothing like party-sponsored street riots with burning and looting to motivate people to prepare to defend themselves. Couple this with big-city mayors openly siding with the looters and it becomes obvious to everyone that in 2021, YOU are the first, and possibly only responder. Act accordingly folks. As a by-product, if you couple every gun sale with the purchase of a couple boxes of ammo, is it any surprise that ammo is scarce?

Looking at last year, the 3-box guidelines to citizen activism seem to be getting reduced. You get up on the soapbox, and Big Media shuts you down, no Facebook, no Twitter, no Youtube, etc. You go to the ballot box and Dominion voting systems makes sure that no matter what goes in, their favored candidate comes out the other end, which would be less disconcerting if they hadn't done such a ham-fisted job of it. Now there's only one box left, and the incoming administration is acutely aware of it. My prediction is that Dominion will make sure that their favored candidates win in GA, by a small but recount-proof majority if their smart, and anti-gun legislation will be the rule du jour, all upheld by a 7-5 majority on the Supreme court.

Happy New Year everyone!

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