Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Privatizing Tyranny

I wrote about this back in the Obama administration when I noticed that absent the ability to pass laws abridging second amendment rights, much the same could be accomplished through Operation Choke Point whereby the government could lean on the banking industry, which they heavily regulate, to curtail services to businesses the government didn't like such as payday loans and anything having to do with guns.

This was blatantly government interference with interstate and sometimes strictly local commerce and voiced were raised against the process. After all, where does this stop? Well, now we're finding out. Facebook and Twitter can shut down or outright ban anyone they please for any reason at all or none whatsoever up to and including the President. Banks are suddenly closing accounts and merchants are refusing to carry merchandise from “dangerous dissidents”. Oddly the ban hammer only seems to fall on the right, but again, this is fine because the Lords of the Platform are a private business and can run it to suit themselves. Just like Woolworths in 1960 or Bed, Bath, and Beyond today, eh?

Sort of along those same lines. I heard Mark Levin this morning commenting on the Judiciocracy he sees us living in, where the courts make up the law as they go along and no one seems to complain. Myself, I've noticed Slo Joe signing a stack of EO's on his desk like an author signing books for his adoring fans, except I'm pretty sure he didn't write any of them. Far more likely they are a product of a group of people including his staff, Pelosi and her staff, and Schumer and his staff, making up what might best be called the Central Committee. Here's a small group that can effectively write statute law without having to trouble any members of the legislature for an actual vote. For most members this is a good thing since even though they may approve of the stated objective of the orders, when they go bad, as they frequently do, they can't be held responsible for them and thus they get re-elected.

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