Friday, April 12, 2013

QOTD - Gun Control

Colorado governor Hickenlooper went on a local talk radio show the other day and produced this gem:
"In a way, this is an urban issue which is going to require some inconvenience from rural people."
If be rural people you mean anyone living outside the Denver city limits, including pretty much all of the suburbs, then yes. Sen. Brophy noted the comment and added his own:
We call it "getting Hicked" when rural people have to suck it up because Denver wants something.
Or in this case, because the Denver government has no idea how to run a medium sized city.  OTOH if you can warm the Mayors chair for 4 years without a major scandal breaking out, you're qualified to warm the Governors chair. Just sign whatever lands on your desk, and look forward to the big chair in Washington.

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Brad K. said...

Sounds like a few years back, when Tulsa and Oklahoma City activists got cockfighting banned in Oklahoma. Tens of thousands of birds were destroyed, and an industry outlawed (I hesitate to say shut down, but it ain't a source of tax revenue any longer), because fights are cruel.

I note that professional wrestling and boxing are still big industries. Wrestling, at least, is big on the toy shelves at Walmart.