Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Crazy People

Having passed Mayor Bloombergs boxed set of gun bills over the objections of constituents, the legislature is now going to address the actual problem. Crazy prople with guns.

Rep Beth McAnn had a bill all ready to go when her fellow legislators began pointing out some problems with it. Alas, the text is not yet available as it has been withdrawn for a major rewrite. Those who have seen it suggest that it would give those in the mental health biz, from the receptionist to the actual doctor, the authority to place a person on the prohibited list, which would result in a no-pass on a background check, to some sort of order allowing the police to confiscate their firearms and anyone elses that might be in reach.

If this doesn't sound like welfare for tort lawyers, I can't imagine what might. Ban someone because they seemed a little off? Sue for abuse of authority. Toss in hate crime if you can.

Someone went out and did a no-no with a gun after an evaluation? This time the victime get to sue. If he seemed a little off, why didn't you prohibit him?  Either way the mental health folks lose. The folks in the mental health biz might be crazy, but they're not stupid. They generally oppose the bill as written.

Statistically you'd be best off asking the subject if he or she is registered to vote, and if so, for what party. If the subject is a registered Democrat, then put 'em on the prohibited list. As most Dems are hoplophobic, and wouldn't own a gun in the first place, this will be no inconvienience to them. As most homicidal maniacs are registered Dems, if a search turns up guns, you can pat yourself on the back for thwarting another Sandy Hook. Win-win.

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