Monday, April 8, 2013

Ammo Shortage

Folks, if you haven't seen this by now, take a minute to take a look at this piece on Breitbart.

It seems the great ammo shortage of 2013 is not being driven by the FBI, CIA, DHS, the war in wherever or anything else. It's simply panic buying by a modest number of citizens inspired, I guess by the proliferation of prepper shows on TV.

So calm down, kick back, pop one of those beers you were planning to trade for a chicken, post apocalypse, and let the manufacturers catch up. It will only take a month or so.

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jed said...

I drink my beer. I'm saving ammo to trade for chicken.

Anyways, good to know that it's advisable to treat Drudge with skepticism. I have been a bit squinty-eyed at his use of certain sources, and will be more so from now on.

Other than local coverage of local, non-political events, is there any national coverage which isn't agenda-driven?