Thursday, April 18, 2013

More Background Checks

I was right, and it only took 3 days. Sen Lautenburg is fronting legislation to require a background check on the purchase of a pound of reloading powder.

There is also whining about how the lack of taggants in reloading powders is preventing law enforcement from immediately arresting the culprits.

Somehow I suspect that even with all the obstacles, before too long we will have someone in custody. In the meantime here's a chance to add a $10-$35 "tax" on a $20 pound of powder. It's the kind of safety issue that will make large purchases more economical. Right now gun club members make bulk purchases of things like primers and powder to spread the $20 haz-mat fee across 15-20 people.

I suppose people could start groups like the "Tite-Group Users Co-Op" and have one member order several one pound cans of powder for the group or maybe one 8 pound keg and refill the members one-pound cans.

I suppose it would be incumbent on us to fill in the low-information legislators as to how easy making low-level explosives actually is and see if he wants to extend the background check requirement to tree stump remover and anti-freeze.


Brad K. said...

In the last couple of years the hazmat fee went from $25 to $27.50 for blackpowder orders. I can't discern any more hazard than there was before, except maybe registration-filing clerks wanting a raise. And blackpowder sales are monitored by the ATF.

I wonder if police weapons are all tagged with taggant? And didn't the movie Judge Dredd demonstrate that all forms of taggant can be corrupted? I mean, theft identity seems to be a pretty well established blight on America. Legislation that depends on dependable identity has to be considered, um, smoke blown up the public's backside.

jed said...

If TPTB think meth labs are a big problem, wait till they have to deal with kitchen production of nitro-cellulose and fulminate of mercury.