Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Gun Contest

One of the merry crew at Samizdata has proposed a contest. Not so much a gun contest as such, but rather a contest relating to information regarding guns:
I’d like to launch the Llamas Challenge Cup – a case of Laphroaig for the person who can get the most outrageously-untrue story about guns and gun ownership in the US printed in a UK newspaper, winners to be judged by a panel of S’data editors. I predict equal parts hilarity and amazement will ensue.
For a case of Laphroaig, I believe even I might put something together. It would be easy for example, to equate the draconian gun laws in Illinois to the relatively low statewide murder rate. It would help if one ignored last years bumper crop, citing global warming or something as being responsible for the uptick, and never mentioned that most of the murders in Illinois occur in only one county.  Or one could simply leave the 2012 numbers out. After all, they're too new to be accurately considered.

Update: Suggested media outlets include the Guardian, the Daily Mail, and the Daily Mirror. Typos don't count so no 22mm handguns.

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