Monday, April 1, 2013

April E-Postal

With the warmer weather, the insect life emerges from wherever its been hiding, and needs to be dealt with. This months e-postal is sponsored by the Conservative UAW guy and features that old standard, the fly shooter:
Go to the site and get the full-sized target. All the usual classes, plus class 7 for whatever you want. This target is a 20 round limit which should keep your total ammo bill down to under $100, depending on what you're shooting.

BTW: 20 rounds means 20 holes in the paper, so you can make up a clean miss, not that anyone would ever have such an occurrence.

Now all I have to do is find 20 rounds of .22LR.

1 comment:

Firehand said...

Oddly, the indoor range where I shoot actually had more primers available than .22 ammo today.

Mind you, I don't expect either to last for long.