Friday, April 26, 2013

Gun Law - Everywhere Else

Here in Colorado we enjoy the benefits of one-party rule and the ruling party has given up listening to constituents as passé. In Washington DC there was a march to occupy the NRA to show the evil gunnies who has clout. Some 10 groups plus a contingent of media types participated, and turned a grand total estimated to be near to 100 souls.

You would think that in such a hotbed of liberalism as DC that turnout would have been better. You'd be wrong. Any politician with his or her ear to the ground would look at this and quickly decide which side of that particular bagel has the cream cheese on it.

Here, I suppose, the promise of bales of Bloomberg money coupled with legalized vote fraud will insulate wayward pols from the wrath of the voters. We'll see, I guess.

Update: Here it comes:

 H/T to Gateway for the story.

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