Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Next Skirmish

At the beginning of WWII, Hitler was poised with his army to overrun Belgium and sweep into France. All that held him back was the weather. Spring rains had turned the roads to mud, temporarily at least holding him back. Every day past his originally scheduled kickoff made him angrier and angrier. He would hear the morning report, and without a word would turn and stalk off, furious at being denied France on his schedule.

 Today I saw Obama speak about his failure in the Senate, and I believe I have seen a petulant ghost along side him. Obama has a bit less than 4 years left.

I expect that the remainder of his term will be as trying as the last 4 months have been.

The next skirmish will be the immigration bill currently being championed by Marco Rubio. Given only a day or two to peruse an 844 page bill, it seems unlikely that all the Easter eggs will be discovered before the voting begins.

Keep the heat turned up.

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