Saturday, September 12, 2009

Tea Party

The New York Times said "thousands". The Washington Post said "tens of thousands", the London Daily Mail said "up to 2 million", I've heard that both CNN and ABC have both estimated the crowd at over 2 million.

Folks, that there's a LOT of pissed-off peasants.

Insty also carries this comment:
Meanwhile, a reader emails: “I’ll tell you what I find impressive. I’m watching the Fox news video about 15 minutes after the end of the event. The crowd has thinned out enough that you can see the ground and there is not a speck of trash on the grass. Absolutely clean. To contrast, google ‘pictures of litter on the mall after the inauguration.’”
Presumably the tarrings and featherings will be performed on a tarp, so as not to inconvenience the grass beneath.

The Denver Tea Party was well attended, although I got there quite late as it was beginning to thin out.


jed said...

Vodkapundit is linking to reports with estimates as high as 2 million.

Imagine all of them armed. (Can I say that?)

Billll said...

ABC is denying publishing that number, although various sources suggest that 1.5M is easily believable. That intelligence guru in boulder posits 1.8 people / sq meter, but I thing 1/sq M is much more likely, and leaves enough room to walk through a crowd.

The messiah is up in Minnesota telling his followers that the time for bickering is over, so he may be planning to use the reconciliation gambit, which requires fewer votes. This would piss of hoards of people, and likely wind up dead in the water in the Senate.

Armed? The left fancies themselves as revolutionaries with Molotov cocktails. The right knows that a 12 ga will reach further than you can throw a bottle. Of course, if you hit the bottle, even with bird shot, great entertainment ensues.