Saturday, September 19, 2009

Molotov-Ribbentrop Redux

On the 70th anniversary of the Russian invasion of Poland, the president announces that defensive radar, which was opposed by the Russians, will be canceled. The Poles are furious, calling this the "selling of Poland to the Russians". The Russians are quite happy. The last time such a deal was reached, with the Germans, they got about half of Poland, the other half going to the Germans.

What I want to know is what parts of Poland do we get from this?

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Brad K. said...


I think the payoff for B. Hussein Obama is the hand waving.

Step 1 - ignore the intent of the system, to watch Russia and others. Polish and Czechs don't vote in the US. And they didn't buy Oh! Bummer's election campaign debt.

Step 2 - insert a nearly-plausible limited perspective, to watch Iran

Step 3 - posit a cheaper work-around strategy, use Navy ships to monitor and shoot down ballistic missiles - from Iran, of course.

Step 4 - Let everyone assume that the Navy has the ships and time-at-sea budget to meet this arbitrarily conceived new mission.

Step 5 - this is the good part - refuse to fund the Navy to put ships on picket duty, to procure or maintain the missiles or ships needed to meet current obligations as well as additional picket duty.

All this overlooks that though ships steam around the sea, supposedly pretending to be difficult targets to find (we managed to find Somali pirates! Counting on the enemy for ignorance is an . . . ignorant . . . strategy), at least a land base doesn't have to worry about anyone shooting them up from underneath.

Related one-liner? How do you tell a radio homing beacon from a radar looking for surprise enemy missiles? Answer: You don't bother. Either will act just fine to guide your planes, missiles, and bombs to their target.