Sunday, September 6, 2009

Health Care

OK it's not actually about the proposed "Cash for Codgers" program being proposed, but it seems that not only is the weekend boding poorly for more than one of us, I'm on the list too.

I'm out working up a storm in upper 80s weather, when eventually I come in for a big slug of cold lemonade. This is followed by a near-faint and heartbeat measured at 180, which incurrs some soreness in the chest. This, in turn inspires the spouse to send me off to the ER.

At my age, if you walk into the ER and say the magic words "chest pain" you find yourself on a gurney being tested (EKG) almost immediately. In spite of no positive results, further tests are performed. Several blood tests, 2 X-rays, and a pair of PET scans. All of which are followed by a verdict of "clean bill of health. Just take it easy for the next few days."

The big, real heart attack will happen in a few days when I get the bill for all this.

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