Thursday, September 24, 2009

Presidential Politics

Over at Insty, Glenn is running an expanded poll as to whom his readership would prefer on the ticket for the 2012 election. So far, Sarah Palin is the runaway winner, with some interesting choices performing well in second place. That election is a long way off, and many things can happen between now and then. What the right needs to guard against at this point is a concerted campaign by the media to push their favorites to the front by devoting time and coverage to the weakest candidates like they did, successfully, last time.

There are rumors that Hillary will be quitting the State department to run for New York governor. Right now, she would trample Peterson, and likely win the office, if the Republicans follow their usual strategy of running some very senior, but very unexciting party flunky against her. Spending a year or two in the governors mansion in N.Y. would make her a formidable candidate in the primaries to displace Obama on the party ticket in 2012. Obama knows this, and like Jabba, "Likes Mrs. Clinton right where she is" paying state visits to places without TV coverage. This also explains why Obama is tossing Gov. Peterson under the bus in favor of a stronger candidate, to be named later, who will promise not to run against him in the '12 primaries.

I do not have an account on Daily Kos or Puffington Host, or Media Mutters, but it would be interesting to put something up there, asking the left who they would like to see on the other side of the ticket. I suggest that John McCain would probably do well, considering how well he did the last time.

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