Sunday, September 13, 2009

Employment II

It seems the Pakistani army can put up a credible showing, given half the chance. After earlier conceding the Swat valley to the Taliban, the reaction, locally and globally must have gotten to the Paki government. Over the last few weeks, the army has been marching through the Swat valley and, with a bit of assistance from UAV attacks, has largely cleaned the place out.
The fighting forced an estimated 200,000 civilians from their homes, and left hundreds of militants dead. In recent weeks the bodies several Taliban figures have been found swinging from lampposts amid allegations that they were being targeted for extrajudicial killings by government death squads.
Rule 1 of the Dr. Cosby Rules Of Warfare: He who wins the toss, gets to make the rules.
Observation: He who makes the rules, usually wins.

Of course if these are in fact extrajudicial executions, perhaps we should send a select committee consisting of the entire democratic membership of the Senate Judicial Committee, and a dozen or so ACORN organizers over there to investigate. Take as long as they like.

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